The nation’s most celebrated curry chefs, restaurateurs and takeaway services are set to be honoured at the highly-anticipated 13th English Curry Awards on August 19th. Organised by Oceanic Consulting, powered by Oceanic Awards, this prestigious culinary event shines a spotlight on the remarkable talents driving England’s world-renowned curry industry.

Masala City, Chichester has been shortlisted as a Finalist, capturing the attention of curry connoisseurs by earning nominations for the highly coveted Fine Dining Restaurant Of The Year and Best Customer Service Of The Year categories.

“We look forward to the exciting awards nights, over the years we’ve won the regional and overall national title. Thank you to our customers for nominating us” – Murad Hossain, Co-Owner

The finalists for this year’s awards represent the crème de la crème of the English curry scene. From innovative chefs pushing the boundaries with daring flavour combinations to restaurateurs delivering exceptional hospitality, these nominees showcase the unrivalled skills and creativity that make England’s curry offerings second to none.

“These awards honour the passion, dedication and sheer culinary genius behind England’s iconic curry houses and takeaways,” said a spokesperson for the 13th English Curry Awards. “We’re thrilled to provide a platform to celebrate the individuals elevating the nation’s love for curry to new heights through their tireless efforts.”

This year’s ceremony promises to be a dazzling affair as the curry industry’s brightest stars are recognised for their exceptional contributions to England’s rich, flavourful food culture. The finalists truly represent the rich tapestry of flavours, traditions and hospitality that make the country’s curry scene so irresistible.

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